Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Sorry about the lack of post last night, but if I am honest at this time last night I was up for posting, in fact I wasn't up for a lot, as I was asleep.

As I posted on Monday, I have not been feeling particularly great. That was probably a slight understatement for yesterday. What is worse that particularly not great, pretty darn horrible perhaps. Whatever it is, I was feeling it yesterday.

I woke up feeling just this side of zombie and unfortunately had to get myself down the road to coach a bike session (don't worry I wasn't riding). The session was total struggle town, but by some miracle I did manage to make it through. From that point on though it was nothing pretty. My son also had the day off and so we spent the day together feeling miserable. My throat was sore, my head hurt, my stomach was upset and I was just so, so, so tired. So tired in fact that when I got home from my daughter's piano less I went straight to sleep, at 5:00pm. Hence no post.

Once I was in bed I had no intention of moving so I stayed there until 5:30am this morning. A touch over 12 hours of sleep.

I had been hoping to get to work today, and after the mega sleep I was feeling quite a bit better, however, I was still shaky enough that my wife suggested that I stay home and boy am I glad she did. The policy of my work place is that you need a medical certificate for any absence greater than a single day. Since I was having two days sick leave I obviously needed a medical certificate so it was off to the Doctor for me. Once I got to the Doctor he checked me out and said that I was about one step away from tonsillitis and that while it should clear itself up it was likely to get worse before it got better and it looked like it was going to be a nasty one. Win. He offered some antibiotics and I jumped at the chance.

Since seeing the doctor (and starting my medication) I have been feeling about 1 million times better. Antibiotics aren't always effective against tonsillitis and I am not sure how quickly they work, so the improvement I am feeling may be entirely placebo or it may just be the natural course of the illness. Whatever it is I will gladly take it. On my current rate of improvement I should be absolutely fine for work tomorrow. I think I am still a few days away from exercise, but one step at a time.

Monday night, yesterday and this morning were such absolute misery that I am so glad to be coming out the other side. Still a few days to go before I am back up to fighting speed, but so glad to be seeing the light at the end of this illness tunnel.

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