Friday, 11 May 2018


Nearly one whole week has passed since Busso Half and while most athletes are enjoying some downtime, some are beginning to think about what comes next.

On the whole we encourage our athletes to train fairly consistently throughout the year. Breaks after events etc are healthy and encouraged, but when it comes to making long term, sustainable gains, consistent training is key. Training consistently through the year is a habit that we try and establish with the Front Runner squad. Deciding what comes next and identifying a related goal is a key step in planning the next phase of training.

I have a number of meetings with athletes tomorrow and most of those meetings will be about planning what comes next. I suspect no two of the conversations will be the same.

For some of the athletes I am meeting tomorrow I suspect the focus will now switch to some of the large local running events, that are on in Perth over the coming months, something like the HBF Run for a Reason, the City to Surf or the Perth Marathon. These are great events that are fun to participate in and provide a focus for training. They can also be trained for while still maintaining a bit of work in the other triathlon disciplines which is pretty handy. Other athletes may choose to simply train, using this time of year to build a really solid base for next season, or perhaps work on one of their weaker legs. Yet others may choose to spend winter doing alternative activities, something completely unrelated to triathlon, staying fit, but still having a bit of a mental break from the sport. All those choices are perfectly okay and we are happy to work with our athletes towards whatever their chosen goal may be. Our main concern for this time of year is helping people select a goal and and then assist them to work towards it.

For most of our athletes this phase of training is a bit different to the one they are just coming from. These athletes have just come from a period of highly focused race preparation and they are moving to one that is a little more relaxed with different goals and different training approaches. These differences don't make this period any less important as it can play a key part in setting up a successful season and so good guidance can still be immensely beneficial. That is what we are for and so should be a fun few months ahead.

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