Thursday, 10 May 2018

Taking it Easy

Getting back into business as usual post Busso now. Down to the track tonight and down to the pool tomorrow. Settling back in nicely now.

The run session tonight was a pretty quite one. Most of the folks from the run squad have started their end of season break now, so tonight we were down to the hardcore few and those that are training on towards Cairns Ironman.

For those athletes that raced at Busso on the weekend, even those preparing for Cairns Ironman, the run session tonight was a pretty cruisy affair with some easy miles. While they are all keen to get back into training there is no rush for them to get back into high intensity work. They will be fine to get back into the hard work next week, but for this week they can afford to take a few moments and let their bodies recover.

High intensity run sessions are when the risks of injury are at their highest. The loads on the body, combined with fatigue means that injury risk is increased. Combine those high loads with the fatigue of a half Ironman and those injury risks are increased further.

Part of training smart is knowing when to work hard and when to take it easy. For the guys who raced at Busselton this week is about taking it easy. For those racing at Cairns there is still plenty of work to do, but it is okay if that work isn't done today. Letting their body recover this week will mean more effective training next week and less chance of silly injury. Long term consistent training is the name fo the game and knowing when to recover is one of the keys to that.

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