Saturday, 12 May 2018

Priority Shift

Mother's day tomorrow, which means tomorrow is one of those days where priorities shift.

Balance is a very important thing in life, and this becomes doubly important when you start to get heavily involved in something, such as a sport. It is very easy to become completely engrossed and obsessed by whatever your interest may be, triathletes seem to be particularly susceptible to this. Triathlon can start as a fairly innocent way of keeping fit, but for many people it evolves into a many hour a day habit that consumes large amounts of spare time, energy and money.

This level of dedication to a sport is not necessarily a bad thing, particularly in triathlon where consistency and dedication is the name of the game. In fact a certain amount of single mindedness is required to really do well in sports like triathlon. However there is a fine line between dedication and obsession and doing anything obsessively is never healthy, even when the obsessive activity is itself a healthy one.

The point of all this is that sometimes it is good to switch up priorities and focus for a while on something that is outside the world of triathlon. Mother's Day can be a good time to do that.

Whether you are a fan of Mother's Day or not, it is a fact that at some point everybody had a mother and they are usually pretty important people in life. Given how important most mum's are, Mother's Day can be a great time to shift focus from looking internally and instead look outside the world of triathlon for a moment and make sure that this special person knows how much they are appreciated.

There are plenty of other days of the year to be up super early and go training, however, sometimes it can be nice to put a pause on that and make sure that the important people in your life know that they are important. For our household we will certainly be trying to do that tomorrow.

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