Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Mixing things up

Things are looking a little bit different exercise and coaching wise for me this week. Usually I coach a bike session on Thursday morning and a run session on Thursday night. However, this week the bike session isn't on as athletes have a self directed recovery morning. As a result tomorrow morning is mine to do with as I please. 

In addition to the change tomorrow morning I am really not feeling like running tomorrow. If I am honest with myself the run last night took it out of me and I have not quite recovered yet. I could run tomorrow, but I think it would be on fairly tired legs. 

The removal of the ride tomorrow morning and the lack of motivation to run tomorrow night means that I think I am going to change things up a bit this week. 

At the moment I think my plan is to go for a paddle tomorrow morning and then I think I might head out on the bike tomorrow after work before heading to the track to coach the run session as usual. Doing a post work bike session is something I have done once before and I really enjoyed it. I work near a massive park in the middle of Perth City called King's Park. King's Park has three main roads running through it and by using a combination of those roads it is pretty easy to get in an hour of cycling, more if you are really keen. That will be my plan for tomorrow. King's Park is built on a large hill and so most of the hour is spent riding either up or down hill, but even that can be fun if you approach it with the right attitude. Spending the ride working up and down the hills can mean that even a relatively short ride like 60 minutes can be very satisfying. Riding around King's Park can also be quite a peaceful way of winding down post working day and putting some of the worries of the office behind you, which hopefully it can do for me tomorrow.

The lack of my usual run tomorrow frees me up to do the rest of the week a bit differently too. At the moment I think I am going to try and get in a swim on Friday morning if possible before doing my run on Friday afternoon if the legs are feeling up for it. 

I think I will probably continue the different week on to Saturday too. Now that we are in the last few weeks of training before Busso 70.3 we have started a series of brick sessions for the Front Runner. squad and the first of these brick sessions is on this Saturday. The brick is quite bike heavy and so that will mean a morning on the bike for me which is something a little different to normal, but very welcome. I don't really miss long Saturday morning rides, however, it can be nice to get out for them every now and then. The ride this week will be particularly good because I won't be riding with the squad tomorrow so Saturday will give me a chance to to catch up with the squad.

Yep, certainly looking like a bit of a different week this week for me, however, I am really looking forward to mixing things up a bit and doing a few things differently.The change will certainly give me a bit of a refresh mentally which is important for keeping motivation up and exercise sustainable.  As they say a change is as good as a holiday and that is certainly going to be the case this week for me. 

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