Saturday, 21 April 2018

Finishing Touches

Some great efforts from the Front Runner team today, putting some finishing touches on their Busselton 70.3 preparation. Well they aren't quite finishing touches, there is still a week of work and a week of taper to do, but today's work was some of the final touches in their prep.

The session today was a long, race pace brick session. Long as is 60km on the bike and 12km worth of running, close enough to the actual race distance to build confidence, but short enough to allow recovery. Intense enough to pinch, but not so much that it buried anyone. The session is designed to be long enough that if people are going to have issues with nutrition, equipment or pace they will notice it, however, short enough to allow for good quality training in the last two weeks.

Fair to say it was a pretty tough session for everyone. Not too tough, after all it wasn't full race distance, everybody still needs to ride another 30km and run another 10km, so they needed to finish with something in the tank, but still no walk in the park.

It was a good session for everyone though. They talk about brick sessions sometimes being 'another brick in the wall' and this one was all about that. For some people it absolutely buried them physically and for others it was more of a mental test, but all of these trials are good to have before race day. By going through these tests and tribulations today everyone is a bit better prepared for race day in Busselton. People are a bit more familiar with race pace, and whether or not it is correct, nutrition has been tried and tested under race conditions, gear has been trialed and approved (or not). Basically after today everyone should have a pretty good idea of what they will be doing on race day. Exactly what a good race preparation brick is for.

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