Sunday, 22 April 2018

Rainy Days

Been a frustrating sort of weekend on the exercise front.

Yesterday was flat out with coaching to the point that I didn't really have the time or energy to get out for exercise. Today the weather was just this side of absolute misery for most of the day such that getting out the door was not a particularly appealing option.

As I have written about before, normally I would try and get out during bad weather, I typically wouldn't let a bit of rain stop me. However, the weather we had today wasn't just a bit of rain. More of a storm, thunder, lightening the whole thing. Bad weather is one thing, but dangerous weather is another. When it comes to training in bad weather heading out when it is dangerous is where the line has to be drawn.

While many of the circumstances this weekend have been out of my control it doesn't make the lack of training any less frustrating. I may not be training for anything really at the moment, but I like to try and get in something every day and being forced to miss that is pretty darn annoying. It seems that you can take the Type A boy out of triathlon, but you can't take the triathlon out of the Type A boy.

The fact is though that the opportunities to exercise have been and gone, they are in the past and there is nothing to be gained by getting annoyed or trying to cram them in. It is much more constructive to be looking to my week ahead and planning well so that unforeseen circumstances don't arise and I can fit in the training that I want to.

Fingers crossed for things going to plan and a better week this time around.

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