Saturday, 17 March 2018

Broken Night

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday I was instead busy being surrounded by an oval full of over-excited screaming children. Fun?

Our kids' school has an annual event called Dad's and Kid's Camp. Basically you head down to the school oval and camp out. It is sort of fun in a 'will this night even end' kind of way. That many children in close proximity, pumped up full of excitement and sugar only really has one outcome, chaos. It is one of those events that is rather painful, but also fun at the same time. I am just thankful that it only happens once per year.

This year was no different.

My kids aren't real night owls so they usually head to bed on the early side, but there are always some kids who remain buoyed by the excitement of the night and kick on for hours. It may only be a few kids, but the thing with a school oval in the middle of the night is that it is a fairly quiet place and so it only takes a few kids to make disturb the peace. And disturb it they did.

This year I learnt from prior mistakes and so I made sure I had earplugs handy, which helped a lot. However, regardless of earplugs, it is an event that has a late bedtime at one end and an early morning on the other and in between is some fairly broken sleep. All up it results in a very tired Saturday.

As a result of the camp we have had a pretty quiet day here at home. I met a few athletes around lunch time to see how they are going, but other than that the day has been one of sitting very still and quiet. Hopefully with a good night's sleep I am able to function on a lightly more human level tomorrow, which will be good because I have some programs to write. The ability to think always tends to make that process easier.

Between then and now though I really, really need to get in a decent sleep. In fact I think I might go and work on that now.

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