Thursday, 15 March 2018


I have half a feeling that I might be getting a little bit sick. Currently it is just that nagging feeling that you aren't quite 100%, like things could go either way. Now I am waiting to see which way they go.

As is often the case when you get a bit ill, if I am sick then it joins a couple of dots about how I have been feeling over the last few days. As readers will know I have been feeling a bit flat over the last couple of days, particularly yesterday. I had thought that perhaps I was overdoing the training or not getting enough sleep, but getting a bit ill would explain it too. Combined with a member of my team calling in sick today the dots are pointing in a certain direct. I will wait and see how I am feeling in the morning, but at the moment I feel things could go either way.

Given some potential illness today I will be resolutely listening to my body and doing no more exercise today. Normally I would try and go for a run on Thursday night before coaching at the track, but I think this week I will give it a miss. As it stands it looks like I might run out of time anyway, but that is probably not a bad thing, saving me from myself in many ways.

Hopefully I am not getting ill as I have a pretty busy weekend ahead and getting sick for that would be really quite inconvenient. On top of that I am currently planning on going for a swim in the morning and it would be a pain to miss that due to illness. Normally I would go down and help Paul on the SwimSmooth pool deck on a Friday morning but at the moment he has a two week training course going for the next group of SwimSmooth coaches. As a result Paul has more than enough help on the pool deck, so he hardly needs another body. Given that I thought I would take the chance to get down and see the squad from the wet side. I suspect it will be rather painful, but now that I am committed I will be disappointed if it doesn't happen from getting sick. I am feeling a little bit better now so hopefully things will be looking good by morning.

Hopefully things are still looking good post swim session too and I am not simply reduced to a sobbing, quivering blob. Watch this space

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