Friday, 2 March 2018

Almost there

I have nearly made it to the end of the working week. It feels like one of those weeks where the end has been a long time coming and reaching it is a bit of a milestone.

Not sure why this week has been a hard one, doing lots, fitting in some exercise and probably not sleeping enough I suspect, or something like that anyway. Who knew that sort of combination would lead to feelings of tiredness. Oh well, live and learn.

Today has been a bit of a day of 'get it done' which is never an ideal situation but one that comes up from time to time. No part of the day required that much effort, but when combined together the parts outweighed the whole. Still, sitting hear nearly at the end of the day I am pretty satisfied with how it has gone. I had a good session helping Paul down at Swim Smooth this morning, caught up with a couple of athletes mid morning, got in a run and even managed to achieve some results in my day job. I am about to head to the gym and if I can tick that box off I will be happy to call the day a good job done.

Really I shouldn't be so negative, the run this morning was actually pretty good. I did the run around Lake Monger, which has a nice flat 4km circuit making for easy and enjoyable running. Given the circuit was not challenging I was able to do my longest run in recent history, a staggering 9.4km, which is a nice step towards my next goal of running 10km. As you might imagine I felt pretty flat at the beginning of the run, but after the first kilometre or so I was able to get into it and relish the challenge of the thing enjoying myself by the end.

Now that I am at the end of week I can now look towards the next challenge of the week which will come in the form of a group ride in the hills with the Front Runner Squad tomorrow. Two weeks ago the ride was 85km and the intention this week is to do 100km. I was pleasantly surprised by how the ride went last time and so I am hopeful that it will go fine tomorrow too. Normally I would be a quite concerned about idea of riding 100km, but my intention is to suck wheel the entire way and so really I end up not working particularly hard. That is the plan anyway.

With the busy schedule, increasing exercise, coaching etc, attentive readers may be wondering how my heart is coping in all this. Fair question if you ask me, however, the answer seems to be that it is currently coping fine. I monitor my heart every day and so far I have noticed no real change in how it is going. In fact my heart rhythms seem to be encouragingly stable at the moment. It is certainly something that I keep a firm eye on, but so far so good. Fingers crossed that continues.

Anyway, I think that is me about done. Time to relax for a while before getting the bike ready for tomorrow's challenge.

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