Tuesday, 27 February 2018


More adventures in running today. 

Today's run was very similar to the run I did last Tuesday, a bit of a run around King's Park. For today's run I decided to go with less sandy trails and more just running on paths. No great reason really other than paths being less painful than sand. Fair enough if you ask me. 

The run was really quite pleasant, but the one issue I always have with running in King's Park is the hills, endless, endless hills. The course I chose today was a less hilly one, but there is no such thing as a flat road in King's Park so some amount of hills was unavoidable. Not really a bad thing when it comes to improving running, heading out over hills is a great way to build running strength. However, hills is right up there with sandy trails when it comes to the discomfort factor. One of those things that I know is good for me, but still not that keen to take part in.

Still, despite the hills the run was actually pretty good. I ran three times last week and after the run on Saturday I was really feeling like I was suffering, it was making me think I was probably over doing the running a bit. However, the run today felt really pretty okay. Not particularly special, but not all that hard or painful either, just sort of enjoyable running. About 40 minutes of reasonably enjoyable running, even with the hills. I am choosing to see that as a positive step forward. Hopefully the first of many steps forward when it comes to running. 

When it comes to running I am still very mindful of not overdoing it. The way I felt after the run on Saturday was a good reminder that 3 x 8km runs in one week seem to be about my limit at the moment. While today's run was quite enjoyable I don't think it would take much to push the experience into the unenjoyable realm. However, if I can keep the running fun while continuing to build a bit of mileage I will definitely count it as a success. 

The running is certainly a long way from where it used to be and I am not really expecting to ever get back to Ironman form, but hopefully things can keep building a little from here.

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