Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A State of Uncertainty

Busy day of coaching tomorrow and if I am honest I am a little apprehensive.

It is not like I have much to be nervous about, but I think it is just a natural reaction to the slightly unknown.

The unknown is largely going to occur in the afternoon, but there is an element of unknown to the whole day as it is a busy one and you can never be quite sure how it is going to pan out.

The day is going to start  on the bike coaching a session for Front Runner. This session is actually pretty cruisy. and contains few unknowns. I have been coaching down at Front Runner for months now and I know the group well and get along with them all. The only uncertainty with this session comes down to who turns up and how big a cross section in speed we have, however, tomorrow's session is planned in such a way that even if we have a broad cross section in abilities it shouldn't make too much difference as people will be able to ride at their own speeds for most of it. In fact this session is part of my day that I am looking forward to.

The middle part of the day shouldn't be too bad, just working my day job and all that comes with that. My main concern there is being able to fit in everything that I want to fit in, but that isn't really any different to any other day at work. Keep ahead of the to do list while keeping on top of the day to day firefighting and also trying to fit a run in there somewhere. Not so much unknown as tiring.

As I said above, the big unknown is in the afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon it is my first time coaching a run session for Stadium Tri Club. Now on this one I am sort of milking it a little bit, the unknowns are not really that great. I have been down to the last two of these sessions and so I have met the group. I have also spent the last week preparing the session and I have just finished double checking the last few bits, so I am pretty comfortable with the session. I am even pretty okay with coaching at the track, even though I haven't done heaps of work there in the past. No I guess the uncertainty stems from putting it all together. I have lost count of the number of sessions I have coached and so I am experienced enough to know that sessions usually all go okay. They might not quite go to plan, but they more or less work out in the end. However, you can never be quite sure how the session will pan out and what will come up. I think it is that unknown that is sitting on my mind at the moment. In the end I know I will stuff up a part of a session for these guys sooner or later and I am okay with that, but I would just prefer it not to be on my first one. In fact it would be quite nice if this first one worked out pretty well. I think I have done all the preparation work that I need to, but there is always that little voice of doubt. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

The day tomorrow is a bit of a daunting one, but taken in its it doesn't actually seem so bad. I will just have to keep reminding myself of that as the day unfolds.

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