Friday, 16 February 2018

A new kind of challenge

A new kind of challenge today, one of the toughest I think I have faced. Today we faced the challenge of.

A five year old's birthday party!

Dun, dun dunnnnn...

For this particular challenge we opted to go for a medium degree of difficulty option, 30 5 years old children in a park. We chose not to increase the degree of difficulty by trying to introduce party games, instead choosing to simply let the kids run around burning off sugar, while concurrently feeding the kids more sugar. It was a simple plan that ended up working remarkably well. Sure enough if you give 30 5 years old children enough stimulation and a large enough area to run around in they simply take care of themselves. Job done.

In the end my wife and I decided to declare the entire party venture a success. There were some critics heard with comments such as 'no party games' and 'not enough lollies in the party bags', but we dismissed them as a dissenting minority, the majority seemed to have had a ball. Mission accomplished.

Besides wrangling 5 years old children the other activity of the day was to head down to Claremont Pool to help with the Swim Smooth session while Paul is away. As always these sessions are a load of fun (for the coach) and today was no different. A bit of a tough session requiring a bit of patience and pace control from everyone, holding themselves back early and then really going for it later in session. To everybody's credit most of the lanes absolutely nailed the it, crushing the final 300m effort. Great session.

Tomorrow morning the training fun continues with the plan to spend a bit of time on the bike. It could be an interesting time because it is likely to be the longest I have spent on the bike in a good 6 months or so. The ride isn't planned to be epic, but it will be a trip up into the hills, which could make it a bit of a challenge. Still it isn't planned to be particularly quick, rather a ride escorting some people who are newish to cycling. I suspect it won't be the easiest morning out though.

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