Saturday, 17 February 2018

More adventures

Another fun filled day of adventure today.

Adventure number 1 for today was about the longest ride I have done in months and months. The ride was a coached session I was doing for Front Runner, taking a group of athletes out for a ride in the hills. To be honest they more took me for a ride, they did all the navigating and turns at the front, I was really just there as a focal point and to call the shots. Despite doing all the hard work themselves we still had a great group of 15 people come along for the ride. A solid session was had by all.

The solidness of the session was felt no less by myself. My lack of riding over the last few months means that I am hardly it tip top form when it comes to riding 80km in the Perth hills. Still, thankfully I survived okay. I am not sure how much longer I would have continued to survive, with my legs starting to warn me that they had had enough riding and climbing towards the end, but I was able to get through the 80km comfortably enough. Actually it was quite a confidence boost to get through as well as I did. I really had serious doubts whether I would get through 80km at all, so making it to the end still feeling like I had a bit more in the tank was very reassuring. Really nice to be back out on the bike again too I have to say.

The other big adventure for today was that we acquired yet another new pet today, well two pets actually. We got a couple of these.

These are thick tailed geckos which you can legally own as pets in Australia if you have the appropriate reptile keeping license (which we do). Why a gecko you may ask? Well for one, they are super cute. Also having lived in Darwin my wife and I have a real soft spot for geckos (they climb all over the walls up there) and so we have been talking about getting a pet gecko for months and so it was cool to finally do so today. Besides, while you can't handle geckos much, they aren't much different in that respect to fish, and geckos are way cooler.

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