Saturday, 26 September 2015

Good gains

A good day of training today. Really pretty satisfying.

The day started off with a shortish, but sharp ride. The contrast to last week's ride could not have been greater. Last week the ride was mostly good, but I fell in a deep hole in the 10km or so. This week's ride was just a little bit shorter, but the difference was significant. This week I felt strong and in control the whole way. Better average power, lower heart rate and higher average speed. Pretty much improvements over every metric that I track. Solid session and a nice reminder that things are improving.

It was also a really lovely ride on the Falco V. I have to say I feel remarkably comfortable on this bike. Not so much comfort because of shock absorption, but more from fit I think. On this bike I feel like I can really put the power down while keeping my upper body fairly relaxed. This morning's ride also gave me another chunk of data to allow me to compare to my old P5. I now have a bit of useful data, however, the real test will come this Tuesday. On Tuesday I have a power test coming up in full race kit, that will be the real indicator of just how good the Falco V is. After I have done the test I think it will be time to put together a review of the bike.

This afternoon it was swim time and as usual I headed down to the Swim Smooth session in Claremont. I wasn't really in the mood for the session if I am honest because it is usually a real smashfest and I really felt like doing a bit of technique work. Thankfully, however, the session ended up being on the easier side allowing me to do a bit of recovery swimming and concentrate on technique. Swimming continues to feel better than it has for a while, although I still feel like I am not quite nailing the technique changes I have been working on, getting closer though. Besides I think you never really quite nail technique, you just end up getting new things to work on.

All up a good day of training though. Long run tomorrow and then off to Moore River for a day and a bit for some family R&R. Really looking forward to it. 

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