Sunday, 27 September 2015


A nice cruisy 22km of running this morning. Also nice to be able to say the words cruisy and 22km in the same sentence. Similar to last Sunday, the run this morning was just a little bit longer than last week and a little bit quicker. Whilst speed really, really isn't the focus of the session, it is a nice reassuring indication of improvement when you are running further and faster for similar levels of effort.

Other that little bit of exertion I am done for the day. Afternoon off and then full day of rest tomorrow. Because of that, and the public holiday that we have in Perth tomorrow, my family and I are off for a couple of nights up at Moore River, a little town a bit north of Perth. Unfortunately (or not) there is no Internet up there and very little of anything else other than a lovey river to swim in and a beach to play at. All that is a roundabout way of saying that I won't be online tomorrow. I will be back typing away on Tuesday though, by which point I should have done my first power test on the Falco V and have a bunch of interesting information to share.

Anyway, as usual everything has become quite last minute and so I had probably better go. There is some panicked packing to do.

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