Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Good results

Well I am back again. Good to be back really, although being up at Guilderton was simply awesome too. There is something about that town that just strips stress away. You get up there and almost instantly relax. We have a great couple of days just chilling as a family unit. This trip really showed us just how easy getting up there for a couple of days is and so it is something we will definitely be doing more often.

Other than travelling back to Perth, I also had some training to get done today. The first part of today's training was also the most interesting. A 40 minute TT Power Test on the new Falco. This test was interesting for a number of reasons. First it provided me with my first lot of, real, repeatable data which I can compare to the P5, which is fairly important. Secondly it is the first time I have ridden the new Falco V with a disc wheel. From what I have read, rear wheel design becomes a lot more important with a beam bike because you don't have the seat tube to offer any shielding. Given that, in theory, a disc can make a lot of difference, probably more than it does on a 'normal' TT bike. Today was a test of that. And lastly a TT Power Test is always a great test of just how you are doing in your training.

The results were interesting ones on all fronts. Today's test was probably the best I have ever done no matter what metrics you look at. My average speed was the highest I have held. The average power was the highest and my average heart rate was about the lowest. The average speed was higher than I have managed to hold in any of the TTs that I did on my P5 which is great news. At the same time my average power was also higher. That raises the question of whether the extra speed simply came from the fact that I was outputting more power or because of gains from the Falco V, or from both. I will have to look at the results a bit more to digest that one. The higher average speed doesn't seem like much (only 0.5km/h quicker). But at the pointy end of effort an extra 0.5km/h is actually worth a fair bit. And it usually takes quite a bit of extra power to achieve it once you are sitting up above 40km/h. I am trying to decide whether the extra power I produced today is enough to account for the 0.5km/h speed increase, or whether it should have increased the average speed by more/less, which would indicate the comparative performance of the Falco V and the P5. Some more thinking to do. Whichever way you cut it though, it was definitely a good result.

The other session for today was a bit of a mixed tempo run. Very nice run in the end. I thought my legs would be carrying a bit of fatigue from the TT, which they were, but it wasn't too bad. Even with that the run just felt good. A bit of work, but still nice and within myself, which was reflected in the average heart rate. Was very pleasant.

Back into life routine tomorrow, swimming, work and then some more training.

Sleepy time first though.

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