Sunday, 14 June 2015

Demanded Respect

As I mentioned yesterday, not much training today, well none to be honest. A lot of watching other people work hard though, with both Cairns 70.3, Cairns Ironman and Challenge Camsur on.

Some absolutely epic performances from people at all the races too. People from both Daryl's squad and Break Your Limits turned in some big efforts over at Cairns, in both races. Particularly big congratulations to Tim Green for his awesome 10th place in the 70.3. Big shout out to Ashan Weerakkody and Joe Cleasby, possible Kona tickets for both those guys if they are interested I expect. Plus countless other great performances, 3rd place for Katy Duffield in the 70.3, possible Kona slot for her boyfriend Oskar Booth. Glen Scholz legendary as usual. The list goes on and on.

This list of performances is even more impressive, given that it looks like it was a tough day out (as opposed to those easy Ironman races I always hear about). I haven't read any reports yet, but looking at the weather they had leading up, and the number of DNFs in the field, I think it must have been a solid one. Windy perhaps? The war stories will come out over the next few days I am sure and from what I have seen, there should be some good ones. 

As good as it has been, if I am honest I struggle to watch these races from a distance. I can't help it, I am a competitive person. I have a hard time watching these races and not wondering, what if... It sounds petty I know, but I hate that feeling of knowing there was a big race on and that I wasn't there.

The fact that I raced last week, and can quite fairly say that I earned my current rest doesn't really help, I can't switch off that bit of the brain. I imagine a lot of triathletes are the same, cheering but at the same time wondering.

Still I have raced enough to know an impressive performance that demands admiration when I see one and I saw a lot of those today.

When all is said and done, the real take home for me from today is one of motivation. Watching all these great performances really just makes me itch to get back out there and get on with it. I know where my weaknesses are and this just makes me all that more keen to address them.

Dare I say too that watching the Ironman, there is a bit of my brain that is starting to think it might be time to get out there and do that again. It has been a long time since I have felt that, but watching today I can't help but feel that I could give it a much better go than I did back at Busselton in 2013. Might be time to disappear down that rabbit hole again soon.

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