Monday, 15 June 2015

One of each

I had what I like to call a one of everything ride this morning. I have named it such because I ended up wearing pretty much one of everything that I own. Arm warmers, knee warmers, overshoes, vest, you name it, I was wearing it. It was a little nippy.

It took me ages to finally get out on the road, but unlike my usual procrastination, this delay was mainly caused by the length of time it took me to get all my clothes on. There was a lot of layers.

As well as being a little bit cool, I had another reminder of the fact that it is Winter by starting and finishing the ride in the dark. It is the first time I can recall doing that this season.

Still the ride was good. A nice solid spin around the river. I am still amazed at how exactly the River Loop in Perth fits 70 minutes. Door back to door it is 70 minutes almost to the second. I guess I shouldn't be too amazed since there are numerous versions of the River Loop, such that you can make it take pretty much as long as you want. But still it is one of those perfect little coincidences of convenience that force you to smile and say "That's cool".

Back on the bike tomorrow too. With no running this week, I have lots of the other sports to do. Tomorrow's ride is on the P5, which means I should probably finish putting it together first. Wheels will certainly make cycling easier.

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