Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hills Rolling

A bit more training done today, heading out with a couple of guys from Break Your Limits for a bit of a ride in the hills. Very pleasant ride in the end on what turned out to be a lovely morning. Typical perfect winter, light winds a bit of a nip. Very nice way to spend a recovery morning. It is nice to be at a point where you can head out and knock out 100km in the hills and still feel fairly fresh when you get home. Just what this phase in the program requires.

It is no secret that I am no big fan of riding around in the hills. I know for a lot of Perth folk it is a little slice of heaven, but I am not those folk. Still it is always nice to head out there now and then and have a meander around on the quiet roads. If only there weren't quite so many hills in the hills.

Other than the ride at the start of the day it is has been a deliberately quiet day in terms of training. It is a recovery week after all. Daryl and I are taking full advantage of this slightly longer breaks between races to get the most out of this recovery phase. To that end, next week is another recovery week, albeit one with a bit more structure to it. I am feeling pretty good already, but the idea is to get the body fully fit and good to go again before moving into the next solid block of training.

On that front things are improving with my foot, quite a bit in fact. Still not pain free, but a lot more pain reduced that I have been. In fact given how sore it was immediately after Japan 70.3, I am very pleased with how it feels now. I am quietly confident that if I keep up with my rehab work I will be good to go again by the end of next week as planned.

Other than that the focus of the day has been hanging out with the family. Tomorrow will hold a lot more of the same. Training proper begins the day after. For now, time to rest.

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