Saturday, 30 May 2015

Race Prep

So the count down in on for Japan 70.3. That means getting the head into gear and getting things set up for racing. It it also means it is time for the one big, can't be missed, activity that I do before every race.

Shaving down.

I am very particular about when I choose to do this. Lets face it, hair grows back, and I don't want to be doing this more than I have to. So I usually choose to shave down the weekend before the race. I have plenty of time (and lets face it I need it), but the hair doesn't have time to grow back significantly. Perfect.

My chosen implement of hair removal is this:

It is an epilator type device, ie it works by pulling the hair out (writing that out doesn't make it sound any more pleasant). Why did I go for this device. Well the idea is that the hair takes longer to grow back, but mostly I use it because it belongs to my wife and was therefore handy (she is just thrilled about that fact obviously). The fact that it is battery powered is another reason why I start this process the weekend before a race. I often need more than one battery change to get through the shaving down process and starting early gives me the time I need. On top of that, it is nice to be able to inflict pain upon myself in stages and giving myself plenty of time means I can break the process up.

I am not exactly a chewbacca and so shaving down this way isn't super painful. However, it isn't exactly pain free either.
Standard level hairiness
 I have been told that the more that you use a eplitor the less painful the process becomes. I have to say that I haven't seen all that much evidence for that yet though.

Still it is done now, so one less task to get done before race day. Now I just have to do some of the less important tasks, like getting my bike ready.

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