Thursday, 21 May 2015

Like a log

Sometimes the practicalities of life mean that compromises are necessary when it comes to training. Today one of those practicalities meant was that I had to do my training ride this afternoon in order to get home from work. That in turn meant that I moved my run from this afternoon until tomorrow. The final repercussion of that this was that I ended up having a sleep in this morning. Sometimes life can be hard...

Absolutely awesome to stay in bed though. I really did sleep like an unconscious log. I ended up waking up around 6:20. On Wednesday I mentioned how tired I had been feeling in the morning and so I think this catch up morning came just at the right time. 

It is amazing the difference that a great night's sleep gets you. I had a fairly draining day at work today (hence the late post), but once I was on the bike this afternoon, I felt great. Everything just felt so easy. It was another hills session and even the hills felt good. A massive contrast to Tuesday morning. This time around I just felt like I could keep on attacking the hill reps, rather than just surviving. Perhaps this afternoon I was just feeling better, but I really suspect a large part of it is due to the amount of sleep that I got.

Tomorrow is a bit of training central. In fact it sort of feels like I am using my day off the way it is supposed to be. The day will start off with a swim, followed by a run in mid morning. Then around lunch it is down to Sportreat for a massage backed up by a physio appointment. Full day.

Before that though, time for more sleep. Given how good I felt today, it would be great to do it again. 

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