Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sunnyside Up

Now that I have had a good helping of endorphins from training this morning I am not quite as grumpy as I was yesterday.

A good few sessions of training under my belt over the last couple of days. As you may have guessed I was riding yesterday. The ride went quite well, although my legs were a little flat. I suspect my ride on Monday was a bit too solid and so I paid the price on Tuesday morning. Still it was nice to be out, even if I was blinded repeatedly (okay letting it go now I promise). The session was another round of hill repeat. With the legs feeling flat it was not quite as pleasant as my previous hills session, but sometimes you just need to get on with it and do the work.

Last night it was my return to running. On the whole it went better than expected, although I have pulled up a bit sore. The pace of the run was good though so that was a real positive. Hopefully the soreness clears over the course of today and tomorrow before running again later in the week.

This morning it was down to the pool for a bit of pain and the aforementioned endorphin release. Chilly morning, which always makes getting out of bed hard. On top of that I was super tired, not entirely sure why, I just felt very sleepy. Rolling myself down to the pool was an effort.

The session was a fairly typical tough Wednesday and as usual it was a bit of a mixed bag. The highlight for me was that through attrition I ended up leading our lane for the last 1100m or so. I won't say I did a particularly stellar job, although it went better than I thought it would, but there is no denying the good it does you to get up the front now and then. It was confidence boosting to get up the front and not be entirely off the pace.

I sometimes feel with swimming that I am too quick to make excuses for myself rather than just getting in there and getting on with it, so I am on a bit of a mission to improve on that. Not suddenly doing mega miles or anything silly, but just being more willing to step up to the front when asked, not being so quick to let the goal times slip away, being a bit more positive in the pool. Things like that. Hopefully it results in some improvements.

With the swim this morning complete, I am done training for the day. The afternoon off is very welcome, since mentally I feel like I could do with the rest. Time for cruisy afternoon at home and then hopefully an early night.

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