Friday, 22 May 2015

Piercing my sole

Well my Morning of Triathlon is now complete. It has been a busy morning, but not really in a way that I have any right to complain about.

The morning started off down the pool for the Friday morning Swim Smooth set. Tough but fair. Business as usual.

It was then back home for a quick coffee before heading out for a 70 minute run.

From there it was a very rapid turn around before heading down to Sportreat for a massage, closely followed by a physio appointment. Phew. Tired out just writing it all.

The training parts of the day all went quite well. As I said above the swim was a tough one, with the jewel in the crown being 2 x 550m efforts. Ouch. My moment in the sun came at the end though, when somebody was required to lead the last 300m effort. Keeping in mind what I said on Wednesday about stepping up a bit more in the pool, I volunteered to take it on. To my surprise I managed to hold the rather aggressive target time. Just goes to show that sometimes the little voice in your head doesn't know what the hell it is talking about.

The run was another good session. The session was supposed to include some hill repeats, but with the issues I have been having with my foot I felt that hills were just going to put it under to much stress. I elected to do a 70 minute tempo run instead. I will admit I faded a bit towards the end, but for the first 8 to 10 kilometres, the run felt really good. Some pain from my foot, but it wasn't out of control and the running just felt delightfully easy. I had to have a couple of stops, one to remove a bit of strapping that was causing a hot spot and another for a quick toilet break (teach me to have a curry the day before a run), but other than that it was good. Running was just starting to feel easier before Busselton and it is good to see that it still does. So far so good on the foot front too. It was feeling good before the run, and whilst it is sorer now, the pain hasn't gone off the chart. I am confident of it settling down again before my next run.

Massage and physio were also sessions of mixed blessing. How can something simultaneously feel good and painful like a massage? My calves in particular were giving me a special kind of pain on the massage table today. Lots of deep breathing. Still it will certainly help in the long run. The physio wasn't entirely pain free either it has to be said. I have never had dry needling in the sole of my foot before. It is pretty much as painful as it sounds. Not an experience I would necessarily volunteer for again. Although once again, it should help in the long run.

So now that all that is done, I have the rest of the day to do with what I please. Sitting very still would be high on my list.

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