Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hard Yards

One of those night's tonight, a hard one for being outside, a particularly hard night for training.

Surprisingly though, despite the weather being rather inclement there was quite a good turn out at the track session tonight, the most we have had for a few weeks. Even with the rain, which was followed by very cold the group got down to business and executed a solid little interval session. A session for which they should feel pretty proud.

This time of year is a tough time to train, it is cold, wet and dark. The temptation to give it all away and come back when it is warmer is very strong. However, those that do the miles at this time of year are the ones that will be strongest during race season. Taking the hard option, getting out the door and doing the consistent work now will pay dividends of fitness, resilience and strength as we get to the pointy end. Those that do this consistent work not just when it is sunny and warm, but also when it is cold and miserable are also the ones that will see the biggest improvement over the long term.

I have to say I was properly chuffed to see so many people down the track tonight. They were out doing the work and in a few months they will be the ones seeing the benefits, simple as that.

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