Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Countdown begins

I will admit that I am a bit nervous at the moment.

Today my two athletes who are doing Ironman Cairns traveled over to Cairns. For them race day is drawing close and I don't doubt that the nerves are building. There is nothing quite like being at the race venue, seeing the course and watching race preparation to hit home just what is about to happen. Let the butterflies take flight.

However, while my nerves aren't quite up at athlete level I will admit to being a bit anxious. This weekend will be the first time I have coached an athlete to an Ironman start line. While I have been confident in the process and very happy with the progress, there is no proof quite like that in the pudding. Ironman is a long tough day, have I prepared them enough, will they be okay, are they ready? These are all questions that I can't help but ask myself. I have to answer yes to those questions, otherwise I have been done something wrong, but you can't help but have some doubts.

I have been coaching for about a year now and over that time I have had enough success with athletes in both shorter races and longer Half Ironman events to have taken some confidence in my knowledge and the process that we follow. All the athletes that I coached for the local triathlon series finished the season happy. Similarly while Busso Half in May wasn't a great day out for anyone, it does look like it would have been a day of PBs. So far the season has gone well. However, for me Sunday is the big test. I know I managed to put together a good Ironman race, but am I able to coach somebody to do the same. If Sunday goes well for my two athletes over there I will be breathing a big sigh of relief. It would certainly be a nice way to finish off my first 12 months as a coach. There is certainly a load more to do and learn about as a coach, but I am hoping this weekend will be fitting bookend to the season.

Really from my perspective there isn't much left to do before Sunday. The hard work is done, now all I have left to do is sit back and watch, perhaps answer some questions, calm some nerves and give some confidence as required. The athletes have done their part in turning up, sticking with it and doing the work, hopefully I have done my part too and provided them with the good training, guidance and advice to get them through Sunday. We will find out in a few days.

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