Monday, 5 March 2018

Hot Stuff

Proper warm day in Perth. Perfect sort of weather for a day off work if you are into that sort of thing

As often happens in Perth the warm weather has come in now that we are officially out of Summer, at least this time it should only hang around for today and tomorrow.

It always makes it a bit tough to exercise when the really warm weather is in town. The morning's are usually pretty pleasant, but typically they are quite windy which can make riding, or even running a bit frustrating. The hard bit really hits though if you are trying to train twice in a day at all. If you have a second session on your program for the afternoon and it is 38 degrees outside it can make motivation fairly hard to come by. It also means that exercise requires a bit of care and exercising in that sort of heat without taking appropriate care around hydration etc can be a little dangerous.

Today I had plans of exercise twice, but to be honest by the time this afternoon came along I just couldn't find the motivation to go out and face the elements. That is fine for me now that I am not really training for any particularly goals, but for people training intently for particular events the hot weather can cause real problems. More often than not the really hot weather can mean a bit of creative programming is required, perhaps re-arranging sessions to put swims or some other form of exercise on the program that isn't so temperature sensitive. Or perhaps moving the afternoon session to later in the week so that you can simply avoid the hot days.

Whatever the impact of the hot weather, it can certainly make it unpleasant.

What hot weather doesn't make unpleasant is the beach, which is exactly what we did today (enjoy that segue). Every year there is an outdoor art exhibition at one of our local beaches and today we decided that a public holiday would be a good time to check it out. Unfortunately it turns out that half of Perth had the same thought and it was more than a little busy down there.

However, once we negotiated the parking we ended up having a nice time down there, despite the crowds and the heat. As enjoyable as the art was, the swim we had at the end was probably the highlight of the visit. Sometimes you forget how nice the simple act of jumping in a cold ocean on a hot day can be.

More hot weather tomorrow, which could make my planned afternoon run a little tentative. After tomorrow though the weather is going to return to business as usual and we can get on with having autumn which happens to be my favourite season of the year. Lovely.

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