Thursday, 29 March 2018

Made It

Some days you are just glad to get to the end of, and I have to say that today has been one of those.

It hasn't been that the day has been particularly horrible, it was just long and full of things to get done. Things like:

  • coach a bike session this morning
  • Run several meetings that I wasn't too keen on
  • Produce a couple of deliverables for work
  • go to farewell drinks for a work colleague
  • coach a track session tonight.
The list was long, and some parts of it were a little unpleasant. I am very glad to be getting to the end of it. 

The day wasn't all hassle and unpleasantness though. The ride this morning was a lot of fun and I think everybody had a pretty good session out. Leaving drinks are never really a hassle and the track session tonight was another good one. I guess I shouldn't really complain too much.

At least the next four days shouldn't be quite so busy. With Easter here we all have four beautiful days off work and I am hoping that they end up being fairly relaxing, well at least a little bit. I have a bit of coaching tomorrow, Saturday and a little bit on Monday, but other than that the days are my own. I am hoping to fit in a bit of exercise and we have also decided to re-arrange almost every item of furniture in our house. Actually writing it like that it doesn't sound all that relaxing but surprisingly I think it probably will be.

Still lots to cram into this long weekend, however, before we get on with that it is time for a bit of sleep.

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