Friday, 30 March 2018

Day 1 of the House Re-arrangeathon

Good Friday done and well and truly dusted. It has been a solid day of doing.

During the week we bravely took the decision to completely re-arrange our house. I mean completely. We have completely cleaned out two rooms and are currently in the middle of painting. Once the painting is complete we are going to move the contents of our children's bedroom into the two empty rooms before filling their old bedroom with stuff. Good chance the all the stuff won't fit into their old bedroom so we are also going to be figuring out storage options for the remaining things and also throwing out what we don't need. As you can imagine it is a fairly big undertaking and one that we hope will be worth the effort at the end.

Day 1 down, 3 to go.

People who see our house will have trouble believing it, but I am a bit of a clean freak. Not necessarily about germs etc, but just having junk lying around. It does my head in. We often have junk lying absolutely everywhere in our house and while I try and fight the tide, it is also something I have come to terms with. At the moment though our house's clutter level is turned up to 11. We have emptied two rooms and we currently have nowhere to put that stuff, so it is EVERYWHERE. If you picture a bombsite, that has been bombed again you are getting somewhere close. If I didn't know that the entire exercise was being done in the pursuit of a greater good then I think I would be developing a solid eye twitch. Something I have learnt from years of racing and training, sometimes you just have to go with it and I am definitely going with it now. If I am honest the current shambolic nature of our house could be the norm for the next few weeks, so it is something I am going to have to take some deep breaths about and move past. As I said, it is all in the pursuit of a greater good so it will be worth the pain in the long run.

The day hasn't all been about painting and shifting furniture though. I did manage to get a bit of exercise done too. I was planning on paddling this morning, but last night I got an invite from a mate to go for a early morning Good Friday swim down at Cottesloe Beach. My swimming is still quite sporadic, so I was a bit unsure how I would go mixing it with a fast bunch of folks over 2km, but it sounded like fun and so I headed down anyway.

Last time I went swimming I was pleasantly surprised to see that it went better than expected. I am happy to say that the same thing happened today. In the end I was comfortably able to hold the toes of the group I was with for 2km of open water swimming done at a nice cruisy 1:30/100m pace. Not blistering, but given my lack of swimming I will certainly claim it. Besides holding a consistent pace I was also really happy to see that I was able to swim 2000m continuously and not explode in a gory but fantastic shower of fatigue and lactic.

While the swim went quite well, it also took quite a lot out of me . The swim was only 30 minutes, but between the swimming and the house re-arranging I was feeling pretty fatigued by the afternoon. I had a bit of a frustrating day exercise wise yesterday and I had been hoping to make amends for it today somewhat, however, that has not eventuated. It is tempting to feel frustrated about today too, but in the end I know that is being a bit silly. The day didn't fit the plan that I had in my head, but it has actually gone pretty well. This morning may have only been 30 minutes of training, but it was a good quality 30 minutes.

While I think a good plan is important, I always tell my athletes that life comes first and so to not get too obsessive about the plan. I think today it has been a case of listening to my own advice. A day not going to plan does not necessarily equal a day wasted.

Bring on Day 2 of the House Re-arrangethon tomorrow.

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