Saturday, 10 March 2018

A full day

Not much to say today. If I a honest I am pretty tired after a busy day of program writing. Not a particularly exciting day but a necessary one

I have a fairly busy day tomorrow and so I wanted to try and get all the coaching parts of the weekend done and finished today. That meant catching up with athletes, both in Perth and abroad, writing programs, looking at race schedules etc. I didn't quite get through all of it, but I got pretty close. Close enough to feel satisfied and confident that I can finish it tomorrow.

Cramming all that in to one day meant I had a very busy day in front of the computer, not exactly my favourite way to spend Saturday. However, having it all done means that I can relax and enjoy tomorrow which was a priority for me. It was a tough day today, but hopefully the hard work means a more enjoyable day tomorrow and which will definitely mean it was worth it.

As mentioned above tomorrow will be busy too but for all the other reasons, time with the family, time spent doing exercise, time with my siblings, all the things that weekends should be about. It should be a good day and one that I am definitely looking forward too. With the hard yards done today I can look forward to it just a bit more.

The other thing that will make tomorrow even more enjoyable will be getting enough sleep, which is exactly what I am going to go and work on now.

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