Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Made it

Well turns out that I did manage to get out for a run yesterday, it was a bit later in the day than I originally planned, but I made it out the door. I guess one of the advantages of being unfit is that I don't need much time to go running as I can't really run that long anyway. Silver linings and all that.

The run ended up being pretty okay. 7.6km of not entirely unpleasant running. I had a nice tailwind for much of the run and so it ended up being the quickest run I have done for quite some time with an average pace comfortably under 5:00min/km, not sure it would have been quite as quick if it hadn't been for the tailwind but I am happy to claim it.

It was very pleasant being out running on the old familiar paths where I have spent so many miles in the past. There have been periods over the last 12 months where I thought I wouldn't be getting back out on those paths again, so I really enjoyed it. Sort of like visiting on haunts again, it is funny how quickly you can slot back into a groove.

I had been tentative to get running again since when I started running a few weeks ago I was pulling up with a bit of knee soreness. I must admit I didn't dig into the knee much at the time, nor did I end going to see a physio. If I was one of my own athletes I would be rather annoyed with myself. Instead of getting expert advice I instead elected to just give it a rest and if necessary hold off running for a while. Right or wrong that rest seems to have helped because after running last week in Darwin and again last night that soreness seems to be holding off at the moment. I will keep an eye on the knee though and continue to be gentle with it as I get back into the groove. If it holds up then I am keen give this running caper another go, if not then this time I really will get myself to a physio.

Fingers crossed it all holds up though because last night really was quite enjoyable. If all goes to plan then I think I might even try to get out for another run tomorrow afternoon.

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