Sunday, 25 February 2018

Down Time

The promised land today, after what has felt like two weeks of going flat out, today I feel like I have finally had a chance to relax.

No real coaching to do (other than some programs to write), nothing really pressing that needed doing other than spending some time with the family, it felt like I finally got the chance to chill for a while.

It is fair to say that coaching has been a little hectic for the past two weeks. Both weeks I have been coaching 4 days out of the week as well as writing programs, answering queries etc, it has been a little full on. I am enjoying the coaching, and I think it is going well, but it can be pretty demanding at times and the past two weeks have been full of those times.

I currently have about 13 athletes on my books, which is likely to become 15 in the next couple of weeks. It is a few more athletes than I had planned to take on, however, I think I am managing it and besides it is very fulfilling helping people achieve their goals. In terms of growth and take up the group has developed far quicker than I had ever hoped that it would, which is one of the real benefits of being associated with an established brand like Front Runner Sports. If I had to do all the administration and development that comes through Front Runner I really don't think I would be able to manage it.

As enjoyable and fulfilling as coaching is though, it does have a habit of filling up a weekend, last weekend being a prime example. Working full time during the week and then losing big chunks of the weekend to a second job can be hard work after a while, which is exactly why this weekend has been so nice.

Fingers crossed it is this weekend is the start of a relaxing week.

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