Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A bit tired when I went for a paddle this morning. I didn't struggle, but I was certainly down a notch in terms of how I felt. I think it is probably the first time I have felt exercise induced fatigue in months. It was kind of nice in a tired sort of way.

Probably fair to ask the question that if I am fatigued, then why did I train at all. Why not just stay in bed and have a rest.

The answer is a simple one really, I got out of bed and dealt with my fatigue because I have some exercise goals in mind and I wanted to pursue them. Nothing complicated.

Nearly everyone who does a sport does it with a goal in mind. If somebody doesn't have a goal then I recommend that they get one as it really helps drive motivation. A person's goal may be getting fitter, getting a PB, completing a certain race or perhaps even being the World Champion. Whatever the goal, it is the reason they started the sport and what keeps them coming back day after day. For me my goal used to be getting faster and being the fastest I could be. Now my goal is a bit more basic, I am trying to get a bit fitter and lose a bit of weight. It isn't a big goal, but it is the one that motivates me at the moment.

Whatever a person's goal, at some point in the pursuit of that goal there are going to be moments when there is a choice between working towards the goal and taking an easy option. Everybody is human so sometimes people will take the easy option. In fact sometimes when people are really fatigued or sick the easy option is the right choice, but that is a separate blog. Long term the people who choose to keep pursing their goals rather than take the easy option are the ones who will most likely achieve them. The people who most often take the easy option won't achieve their goals. It really isn't complicated, but it constantly amazes me the number of people who struggle with the concept. There are no easy roads to success.

The reason I got out of bed this morning is because of my goal. I knew I wasn't so tired that I was endangering myself by training. I have muscle fatigue because I have started going to the gym again, it is perfectly natural, there is nothing wrong with me. I could have used that as an excuse to stay in bed, but that isn't going to help me long term. Instead I got myself out of bed and did a bit of exercise. If I am honest the training I did didn't feel great and the quality wasn't as high as I would usually hope for, but it was a hell of a lot better than doing nothing.

Besides, training this morning meant I got to see this sunrise.


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