Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, I hope it has been a great day for everyone.

For us it was definitely a pretty great Christmas Day, it feels like this was one of those years where we did Christmas right.

Loads of time with family, pretty much none stop fun for the kids opening and then playing with presents, it has been a very full on day, but a very enjoyable one as a result. the kids collapsed into bed exhausted and my wife fell into bed shortly after, the house is a bombsite and I am not entirely sure where to start cleaning. All up I think it must mean that we did something right.

I am not really sure I can claim to have eaten in moderation as discussed yesterday, but at the same time I think it has gone okay(ish). At least we can now get into a bit of a routine about eating correctly.

I didn't get to exercising today, but as I have said several times in the last few weeks, that is kind of the point of Christmas. If getting out and exercising is your way of celebrating Christmas (and I know that for some people it is) then that is cool. But at the same time, if doing a bit of training is just going to be one thing too many for your day then I think the best thing is to let it go for 24 hours. Better to miss a day of exercise and actually enjoy your time, than try to force the training in and resent it. Plenty of time for exercise later.

In fact, speaking of exercise, now that we are through Christmas I am hoping that this coming week of no coaching and less busy work will mean that I have plenty of time for exercise. I am quite looking forward to it in fact. Nothing silly of course, but just being getting out and enjoying myself a bit more easily. Starting tomorrow morning is the plan.

Speaking of the plan, the other thing we will be doing tomorrow is heading up to Guilderton for a couple of days. Being up in Guilderton means limited internet and so there won't be any posts for the next two days. I will be back up and blogging on Thursday though. Whilst I will have limited internet I will also have maximum family time and so that will be pretty awesome. In fact I am reallly looking forward to it, it feels like it has been ages since I have managed to get away from everything. This will only be a brief break for me, but I intend to really enjoy it.

By the time I get back I should nearly have some actual triathlon stuff to talk about.

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