Thursday, 24 September 2015

What better than a 3 day weekend?

A nice boring day today, just the way they are supposed to be. No tests, no appointments, just a bit of training and a day at work. Nice and dull. Kind of good to have the break.

Today's training started with my weekly session on the Kickr. Really solid session actually but a nice one too, power output was decent but it didn't kill me. Good to see a little bit of cycling form slowly creeping back.

The session this afternoon is supposed to be a run, but I am currently undecided about it. My foot is still a bit sore from the dropped vacuum cleaner incident from Tuesday. It has been improving, but I am not sure if it has improved enough. My little inner Daryl is telling me that it would be a better idea to rest it and get through my run tomorrow. I suspect little Daryl is correct. He usually is. It improved a lot today after being quite sore for most of yesterday, so I suspect another day of rest will give further improvements. Just such a stupid way to sustain an injury though. See how I feel when I get home.

Whatever happens tonight though, there is no escaping from the fact that today I am heading into a 4 DAY WEEKEND!!! WOO freakin HOO. I had actually sort of forgotten it was on, but now that I have remembered I am really looking forward to it. Usually we wouldn't bother trying to head out of town on a long weekend (at the start of school holidays no less) since nearly everybody else does too making all the best spots horrible. However, this weekend there are a couple of really, really big Australian Rules Football games on in Perth (I mean about the biggest we have ever had) which means a lot of people will be staying at home. As such there is currently discussion in our household about heading up on a day trip to a small town called Guilderton, a little bit north of Perth. Great town for relaxing in. Even happens to be a massive river for a bit of open water swimming if the mood happens to strike...

This 'planning' for this quick trip has all happened very last minute, so there is a solid chance that it won't happen, in which case we will just have to suffer through a 4 day weekend of family and training in Perth. Soldier on there kiddo...

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