Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Not quite done yet

Bleeerch, these late blogs are becoming an annoying habit. I had every intention of getting this done at a reasonable time today, I honestly did, but the afternoon just got away from me and, well, here we are.

Interesting outcome from the Doctor yesterday, not quite as straight forward as I was hoping. Turns out that the CT scan I had of my chest showed that I have some plaque build up in one of my coronary arteries. This plaque causes a narrowing of the artery. Plaque build up itself is not unusual, but not expected in somebody my age. It essentially is an indicator of high LDL Cholesterol levels (the bad kind). High Cholesterol in an athlete may seem a little counter-intuitive, but from what I have been told, this sort of cholesterol has more to do with your genes that you diet. At the moment the plaque build up is not dangerous, but it is possibly indicative of an issue that could cause problems as I get older. If my LDL Cholesterol levels stay high then it could cause continued plaque build up and that is when things like heart attack come into the conversation.

So with all that in mind I headed to the pathology collection centre this morning to have a blood test. The point of this blood test is to determine my LDL Cholesterol levels. If they are high then it will mean some medication to keep them under control. From what I have been told this is a separate issue to the palpitations that I have been having, but even still it will be good to have be having it dealt with.

The biggest issue with the blood test is that it required fasting. I really like to eat before training, particularly before cycling. Having to train this morning on an empty stomach was not a fun time. Hard to say whether it effected the session, but I certainly was feeling a little flat. The session went well in the end, but it took me a while to get into it and it did feel like I was missing an slight edge. I truly piled in the food after the blood test though.

This afternoon it was time for a run. This run was supposed to be on the Alter-G treadmill again, but unfortunately it is down for some servicing, so I did the run at Cottlesloe Beach instead. A nice, cruisy run which went mostly well. I say mostly because this morning I dropped a hand held vacuum on my foot. You know when you drop something and you instinctively stick your foot in the way before you can stop yourself. Yep I did that. Didn't really cause me any problems all day, but once I started running, boy did it get sore. Wasn't too bad for the run, but it is a bit painful now. Will have to see how it is in the morning.

Tomorrow is D-Day for the new diet. Tomorrow I get to weigh myself and see how it has all gone before heading back into to see David at Catalyst Nutrition. I have a sneaky feeling that I will be happy with the weigh in results.

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