Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Almost time

Well there you go, time for a post after all.

Well a little bit of time anyway, just enough quick post before getting into final departure preparations. 

Things are mostly done and pretty much good to go, just some final items to pack. All things under control so far though. 

A last little bit of training done today with a swim down at the Wednesday Swim Smooth session. It wasn't the full session, but sometimes it doesn't really need to be. It is funny, you get yourself down the pool thinking, 'just a quick swim and then I am done'. But the reality is that even getting out early puts you in for a solid session that requires a bit of mental focus. I managed to get myself together for the session though, and really it went quite well. It has been a subtle improvement, but swimming is feeling pretty okay at the moment. 

Now that the training bit is done for now, the next step is the travelling bit. We have a fair slice of travel ahead of us and not exactly ideal either. Leaving this afternoon we will be landing in Nagoya tomorrow morning. I am not usually a bit fan of flying over night, because I never sleep well, but we haven't had a lot of choice with this one so we will be making the most of a bad situation and trying to catch sleep where we can. We certainly have plenty of time to catch up on sleep once we are there, so it won't be the end of the world, but it can make for an unpleasant few hours though. 

Once the travel is done, it will be into the bold new world of Japan. I am quite intrigued to see what this race is like. From what I have read there have been some mixed reviews of the race over the last few years, however, the course seems to have changed a lot for this year, so who knows what it holds for us this time around. Certainly should be an interesting experience whatever happens. 

One thing at a time though, first we have to get there...

Once we are there I should be online, but if things don't work out for the blog, then I will still be working with Facebook which you see by clicking the link on the left of the page.  

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