Monday, 25 May 2015

Hung over

As hoped, dinner last night was a little slice of awesomeness. Food was really good and great value, company was lovely. All round good night out. About the only negative was waking up with a bit of a food hangover this morning. You know that feeling you get when you wake up and are just a bit grainy. Not that I ate that much last night, but it was down the rich end of the spectrum and my body was feeling a little hazy this morning.

Once I was out on the bike I was feeling fine though. In fact my ride this morning went really well. Fuelled largely by gnocchi, a rich tomato based sauce and cheese I was flying along. Yet another perfect morning too. I feel like a broken record saying it, but it really was beautiful out on the road this morning, light winds, good temperatures. Perfect.

Riding this time of year it is not uncommon to be out during sunrise or sunset and they are often spectacular. I am regularly tempted to pull up and whip out the phone to grab a photo, however, often I don't. Sometimes it is nice to just keep on spinning along and have that moment to keep for yourself. I had another of those moments this morning as the sun was rising over the Canning River, a pelican cruising by. I kept on riding, deciding instead to just mentally record the image. A bit of a reminder of why I do these things.

With my ride this morning complete, I am done with training for the day. I still need to jump on the bike to get back home tonight, but that should be a fairly easy spin. Then back on the bike again tomorrow for a bit more of an honest effort. Good chance it could be another perfect morning out.

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