Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A fine line

Sometimes it is a fine line between pushing through and knowing when to step back. Like most triathletes I tend to err on the side of pushing through. It is an attribute that keeps physios busy. What can I say, we like to do our part.

I had one of those moments today. Not a physical injury one, but more of an illness one. I was at swimming this morning feeling decidedly average. Nothing unusual there, Wednesday morning swim sessions are usually as much of a mental work out as a physical one for me. But this felt different, this felt properly average. I very nearly pulled the plug after 2km. I even got to the point of formulating a plan that if I felt fine this afternoon I could head back down to the pool and finish the session.

Deep down though I knew that finishing the session off later was unlikely and so that if I got out it would be session done. With that in mind I pushed through. The session wasn't a massive success, but I came out feeling that I had got a good work out, which is sort of the point.

Jokes on me though, because this afternoon I really did start to feel average. Sore throat, tired, that sort of thing. Thinking about it, it really is about time for my scheduled pre-race illness scare, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Annoyed slightly, but not surprised. Hopefully like the last couple of times this has happened I can get away fairly lightly.

Sometimes when you are training a lot you can get to a point where you feel like your body hates you just a little bit. Between injury and illness I am around that point today. With this latest development, the plan is to stay in bed tomorrow morning. It can be amazing what a massive night's sleep can do for you. I will re-assess in the morning. Once I see how I am feeling in the morning I will figure out a way forward from there.

Time for sleep.

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