Friday, 18 May 2018

Status Update

I have to say I have been pretty happy with how the blog has been doing in this past week. It has felt like A bit of quality blogging if I do say so myself. However, there comes a point where sometimes you just draw a blank, which is sort of where I am at the moment. I will have to have a think about what topics to write about next.

In the vacuum of good ideas I thought I might do a blog about what I am up to at the moment.

Coaching wise things are a little quiet as we are currently two weeks into the Triathlon off season here in Western Australia. I am still coaching track sessions on Thursday night, but that is the only session I am taking at the moment. Things are likely to step up over the next couple of weeks with potentially some swim and cycling coaching coming up, but for now I am enjoying the extra time I have to myself. I am still seeing athletes and updating programs, but even that is a lot quieter as many of my athletes are on a break now.

Exercise wise things are ticking along pretty nicely. My heart is still playing ball and I am not really having any issues at all. I am still being careful by not doing any mega long sessions or anything (longest session being two hours), but in general I have just been very incrementally increasing things. Still a long, long way from what things were (which is a good thing), but my weight is back down at a point that I am happy with (78kgs this morning) and on the whole I am feeling nice and fit, or at least about as fit as I want to be.

Exercise wise I am getting in quite a bit of paddling, a bit of gym work and a swim, bike and run per week. My plan is to get in two rides and two runs per week, but as of yet I have been unable to manage it. I will get there eventually, but once again the idea isn't to push it too hard.

Everything is feeling pretty okay when it comes to exercise. The paddling is feeling strong, although I found out during the week that the guy who I do a bit of training with (and can only beat on a good day) is turning 60 this year. Reality check. World burning I am not. Still I it is something new and challenging and I am quite enjoying it.

With the bike I am back on the Kickr at the moment. The move back to the Kickr is for a number of reasons; for one it fits with my schedule on Monday and Wednesday nights when my wife is out, the Kickr also gets me out of any foul weather, which is one of the great things about them, and finally it is just such a damn efficient way of training. Of course I am nowhere near where I was back in 2016, I think on Monday I managed an hour at 60% of my old FTP, but then again that isn't really the point. The bike is actually feeling pretty okay for what it is and I am happy with that.

The running is going okay, however, my lack of miles means I am not really pushing the running at the moment. I got in 30 minutes last night which felt particularly good for some reason, but much beyond 30 minutes and it starts to fall apart. I would be keen to rebuild some mileage again, but really that requires me to run more consistently, which is what I am working towards. Once again I am quite happy with what I am fitting in at the moment, but it would be nice to keep it improving. Slowly, slowly.

The real surprise packet of the last few weeks has been how swimming has been going. I have been floored by how well I am swimming (he says modestly). I am sure my endurance is non existent, but the speed really isn't that much slower than when I was training full time which I find amazing. My theory is that it is due to the cross training from paddling, which sort of makes sense as it uses very similar muscle groups. Whatever the reason though I will claim it. I am really enjoying my Friday morning swims as a result. Happy for that one to keep ticking along.

So that is how things are going at the moment. If I had to sum it up  I would say everything is in a pretty happy place. Things to do and improvements to make for sure, but nothing earth shattering. I have to say it is a nice place to be and I think I am quite enjoying it.

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