Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Slack Option

A bit of a relaxed approach to training today. I was out on the board this morning for a good bit of threshold training and my intention was to go for a bit of a run this afternoon. However, I had a pretty long day at work and if I am honest by the time I got to the end of the day all I really wanted to do was go home and sit down for a while, perhaps have a bit of a nap.

Going back two years I would have got myself out the door and got the session done, that was the nature of the training and competing I was doing. Get out and do the work. That sort of consistency was very important and is still important for anyone looking to compete seriously. However, these days my training is a rather a bit less serious. That reduction in seriousness, combined with the more relaxed approach to training due to the off season that I wrote about yesterday, means that I cut myself a bit of slack today.

In fact I think I might be cutting myself a bit of slack all week. I have had a few solid weeks of training and racing recently. That solid training combined with not quite enough sleep means that I am pretty tired at the moment. Given the season has sort of finished i think now is probably a good time to give myself a bit of rest before getting into some proper off-season training. As I wrote about last week, we would often recommend people having a bit of a short training break at the end of the season in order to refresh mentally. I don't think I need a proper break from training, but I think a bit of a recovery week wouldn't be amiss.

The intention for training this week is really to just let myself take the slack option each day. I am still planning on doing exercise most days, but I am not going to force myself out the door if I am not feeling it.

Taking a bit more of a relaxed approach to training this week should mean I am ready and raring to get back into things next week for another block of training, looking to continue sustainably building a base over the winter months.

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