Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Trail Time

I had an attempt at more running today. For today's adventure in running I decided to head into King's Park for a bit of fun on the trails.

In the end I managed another 7km of running which was good step in the right direction of a return to running. The run was done at a rather sedate pace, however, I am not too bothered about the pace as a good chunk of the run was done on sandy tracks. 

With these runs I am keen to try and start increasing the distance a little, however, I am also conscious of not increasing the running load too quickly as that is a rapid path to injury. With the running being so slow today I was never going to break any distance records, rather today I was more focused on duration, trying to run for a decent amount of time, rather than disance. Unfortunately I simply ran out of time to get in a particularly long run, but at least the trails meant I got in a good bit of strength work. Besides at this stage any run is better than no run.

Every time I run in King's Park I am reminded just how lucky we are to have it on the door step of the city. I am particularly lucky where I work because I can be in King's Park within 500m of leaving my desk. Running in there can be challenging with lots of hills and sandy trails, but it is also the sort of place that is great for building running strength. If you can switch off the mind, forget about pace and concentrate on just working up some hills then it can be a very pleasant place to simply enjoy the simple pleasure of being active outdoors. 

Not my last run in King's Park that's for sure. 

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