Thursday, 8 February 2018

The run around

So here we are on Day 4 of my Darwin adventures, my last full day in town. As mentioned yesterday my day did indeed include a run, but it occurred this afternoon rather than this morning. 

Despite my run on Tuesday being a hot, uncomfortable sweatfest, I was actually keen to run a bit further today, perhaps stretching it out to 7km if I could. I am not sure what possessed me to try and run further today, but I guess after surviving Tuesday I was up for a bit of a challenge. 7km is a fairly modest target, but to be honest it is about the longest I have run in months and so I wasn't keen to aim for more than that. Plus, you know, it is really hot and humid here so I didn't want to go crazy. 

In the end the run was a little bit over 7km, but to my surprise it didn't take me all that much longer than the run on Tuesday because I went a bit quicker than expected. Certainly not rocket ship fast, but holding sub 5min/km, which I am pretty happy with given the conditions. The running was tough, but enjoyable and not all that painful. Apparently I did my fastest 5km for the year, which is both simultaneously cool and depressing. I might have to run a bit more when I get home to try and bring that 2018 5km PB down just a wee bit more.

And I do think I will try and run a bit more once I am down in Perth. I have been avoiding running for a couple of weeks because my knee was a bit sore, but that seems to have eased off. Not pain free, but not that uncomfortable either. I will keep an eye on it but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. Of course I will wait and see how I feel in the morning before I get too carried away with the idea of running, but so far so good.

Speaking of the morning, I think I will be heading back down to Parap pool for a bit of a swim tomorrow I think. I will see how I feel when I wake up, but I have a fairly relaxed morning tomorrow and so I should be able to fit in a visit to the pool, besides the swim on Wednesday went well enough that I am keen to repeat it. 

Besides a bit of a swim my day tomorrow is going to be mostly made up of a bit of work in the morning and then travelling back to Perth. I am not entirely sure, but I suspect the second half of my day is going to be rather busy and so I think I will say here and now that I won't be blogging tomorrow. I may surprise myself and have time, but I am going to make my excuses now and so take the pressure off myself.

Back on Saturday.

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