Tuesday, 30 January 2018

DC Rainmaker

Some cool news today, DC Rainmaker is in town at the moment. Who is DC Rainmaker you may ask? Well if you ask then I scoff in your general direction, but I also say he is this guy.

DC Rainmaker

I have a whole lot of respect for Ray. For one he does about the most awesome reviews of sports technology available. Pretty much whenever anyone asks me about a piece of technology I send them to the DC Rainmaker site first. If they can't learn what they wanted about the product from his site, then it usually isn't worth knowing.  His annual power meter summaries are particularly useful for anyone thinking about getting one, but basically his site is an endless treasure trove of information. I will often head to his site rather than read product manual such is the level of detail that he provides.

Besides his great reviews though I just have a lot of respect for what he has built for himself. Ray has carved out a very significant part of the interweb for himself. His site is the first port of call for people all around the world when major brands release new products. Those same major sporting brands won't release a product without his blessing. I have seen first hand that a bad review by him can seriously dent the sales prospects of a product and usually a bad review will put a brand scrambling into damage control. All this he has built not by being flashy or fancy, mean or critical, but by diligently and consistently producing a good and trustworthy product. Over the years the quality of what he produces has spoken for itself, allowing him to get to a point that he has created a career for himself. You can't help but be impressed by somebody who manages to create success for themselves like that.

I am also a big fan of how Ray goes about doing his reviews. He is never cruel or belittling, rather he is fair and evenhanded, when he criticizes it is reasoned and backed up by evidence. His style of product review puts his integrity clearly on display. This obvious integrity builds trust in what he is saying, which might give a clue as to why he has become so popular over the years.

Probably fair to say that I am a fan.

Does that mean I will be stalking he beaches of North Coogee hoping to bump into him. No, I am not quite that level of stalker. However, he has said he may put on some events and so I will keep an eye on his social media and see what comes up. If he is hosting a ride or something that I can get to then I will definitely make an effort to get there.

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