Thursday, 17 September 2015

Falco Bikes - The Falco V

I can finally announce some really exciting news. Falco Bikes have come on board as a sponsor for the coming race season and beyond.

Getting the bike together has been a bit of a long process but now that it is done I am really excited to spend some time on this new Falco V.

I had a short ride on it this morning and whilst I need to do a few adjustments the first impressions were very good. This is not a flexi bouncy beam bike from the 90s, this thing is stiff. Stiff, aero and quick. In the end Falco has gone with a beam bike design for the inherent aerodynamic advantages that is has over a bike with seat stays a seat tube, and it shows. Once you are up and going this is slippery through the air. As I get to know it better and get my position dialed in I will get a better idea of just how slippery, but for now I can safely say this is one aero bike.

Plus it just looks plain awesome.

Whilst they tell me the beam does have a little bit of shock absorbing flex to help keep the legs fresh, if I am honest I wasn't really aware of it. What I could feel though was the super stiffness through the bottom bracket, which is just where you want it.

Once I have logged a few more miles on the bike I will put together a proper review. For now though I am just looking forward to spending more time on it.

Oh yeah and a big thank you to guys at Churchill Cycles for helping me out with the build of this bike. Getting all the parts in and doing the heavy lifting. And for being very very patient with me.

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