Saturday, 19 September 2015

10% too much

Wow, late one today. Oh well, just been one of those days I guess.

Today has been a similar one to yesterday, in that it has been relaxingly busy. A bit of training, a bit of doing family stuff and a bit of just hanging out has means it has been a good day.

Training today started off with a nice solid 100km on the new Falco V. 85km or so of which was really pretty good. The ride had some intervals to get done, so as I often do I headed down the Kwinana Freeway cycleway for some uninterrupted TTing. Unfortunately this morning there was a howling headwind blowing for the outward trip. The big headwind meant that it was easy to hit my power targets for the intervals, but it also meant that I was working pretty hard, even in the recovery bits between the intervals. Plus, I must admit I was probably just being a bit too enthusiastic. As a result once I turned to head home I really started to suffer. Not right away I should say, I still got to enjoy 35km odd kilometers of riding with a massive tailwind, that was a lot of fun and made for a really quick trip home. But once I got within 20km and particularly within 10km of home my early exuberance came back to bite me. By the time I got home I was limping along. In that last 20km my average power for the ride dropped by about 13W. I was just barely managing to turn the pedals.

Part of my pain may also have been a lack of fitness, but to be honest I think poor pacing played a larger part.

The bike went well though. The fit from Churchill seems bang on, the bike feels instantly comfortable, and much more comfortable than Thursday's ride. Certainly seems quick. Today's ride allowed me to do a bit of a comparison between the Falco V and the Cervelo P5. More rides will give me a more complete picture, but based on my experiences today they seem quite comparable in terms of speed per Watt. Another week of riding and I think I will be ready to put together a review.

As well as riding I had a swim down at Claremont with the Swim Smooth squad. Tough session on tired arms today. Certainly by the time I finished the session I was feeling it. My battle with technique improvement continues. Some days it feels like it is clicking into place and other days it feels like I have a long way to go. Today was one of the later. Still improvements, however slow, are still gains so I will keep on plugging away at it.

Running tomorrow, then some more relaxing and catching up with some old friends.

It has been a good weekend.

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